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We are the Valley Arts Alliance!

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The Valley Arts Alliance is a group of like-minded individuals in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska who have joined together to encourage, sponsor, facilitate and support artistic expression.

We are a place for both new and established artists of all types—painters, sculptors, musicians, and those involved in the performing arts—to network and to experiment with new ideas and media.

We are a non-profit corporation as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, working with local libraries, schools, museums, art councils, and music and art groups to create more venues for the arts, and to help promote art related events. 


Valley Arts Alliance
PO Box 2369
Palmer, Alaska 99623

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Civic and Educational Partners

  • Alaska Community Foundation

  • Alaska Pacific University

  • Alaska State Council on the Arts

  • Alaska State Fair

  • Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center

  • Denali Arts Council

  • Dorothy Page Museum

  • Mat-Su Animal Care & Regulation Shelter

  • Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry

  • National Endowment for the Arts

  • Palmer Public Library

  • Palmer Museum of History and Art

  • Sutton Public Library

  • Talkeetna Public Library

  • University of Alaska Anchorage, Mat-Su College

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • Valley Community for Recycling Solutions

  • Valley Garden Club

  • Valley Performing Arts

  • Wasilla Public Library

  • Willow Public Library


  • Carmen Summerfield

  • Noel Bell

  • Randy Robinson

  • Sandra Cook

  • Kathi Vanzant

  • Hillary Saffran

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The Valley Arts Alliance publishes an Events Newsletter approximately every month, to advise our members and friends of events of interest in the Valley. To subscribe, please email us!

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Artists and Friends

Kris Abshire
Marty Alexandroff
Lita Atkinson
Teresa Ascone
Suzanne Bach
Skyler Baisch
Valerie Barber
Vera Barret
Susan Beaupre
Debra Bohm
Jamie Bottoms
Dianne Boyd
Laura Brekke
Victoria Bush
Evelyn Campbell
Julius Cavira
Vickie Cole
Vickie Cole
Peggy Compton
Michelle Cornelius
Nancy Angelini Crawford
Jenny Dayton
Caren DellaCioppa
Claudio Derungs
Laura Derungs
Dawn Diaz
Tina Fisher
Deb Frost
Jerry Frost
Josh Fryfogle
Noah Fryfogle
Roberta Gannon
Cheryl Gardner
Patrick Garley
Lauren Gette-King
Krista Gray
Cory Green
Laurie Green
Greg Gusse
Patty Halley
Tamora Harding-Childs
Sharen Harris
Rose Hendrickson
Linda Henning
Mary Hertert
Becky Hiatt
Sally Hitchcock
Barbra Howard
Ruth Hulbert
DeLena Johnson
D'Jean Jawrunner
Talya Johnson
Brittney Kauffman
Donnie Keen
Heather Kinnowr
Jean Krause
Linda Lockhart
Karen Lopez
Windy Marshall
Luz Maskell
Terry McAnally
Judy McCormick
Dennis McKenzie
Kathleen Meggitt
Ruth Moore
Susan Moore
Sophia Moropoulos
Bev Nash
Jessica Newton
Mindy Nix
Kiana Oliver
Nicole Pease
Michael Pennington
Randi Perlman
Erica Phillipsen
C. Ryan Pierce
Nan Potts
Pat Purcell
Judy Rideout
Emily Roe
Margaret Rogers
Hillary Saffran
Benjamin Schleifman
Suzie Sevilla
Sabrina Shaw
Wendy Smith-Wood
Marilena Staudenmaier
Kim Strickland
Dena Tanguay
Myriah Moore Thomas
Tracie Tompkins
Steve Totten
Kristy Tracy
Amy Tucker
Bill Tull
Matthew Van Atta
Judy Vars
Peter Vars
Anne-Marijke van Dijken
John Vinson
Colleen Wake
Amanda Weglin
Darrell Wellborn
Ki Woyke
Jeanne Young
Kathy Zeitz
Kaye Zwiacher

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